What to Expect During Your Visit With a Wrongful Death Attorney

 Personal Injury Lawyer Shares Insights on Visiting an Attorney About a Wrongful Death

Few things compare with the grief of losing a loved one due to someone else’s actions. Consulting an attorney about wrongful death is a wise way to learn about obtaining compensation for your loss. To help you prepare for your meeting, an experienced personal injury lawyer at Byrd & Jones LLC in Dothan, AL, discusses what to expect during your visit with a wrongful death attorney.

Will & Estate Issues

In Alabama, the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate must bring the wrongful death lawsuit. Your personal injury attorney will work with your wills and estates lawyer to establish the estate and name you as personal representative. A personal representative’s responsibilities include identifying and contacting all estate heirs, collecting and distributing estate assets, and filing reports with the probate court.

Case Investigation

Wrongful death lawsuits require in-depth investigation. In situations including auto accidents, multiple persons or companies may contribute to the cause of death and must be sued. Experienced auto accident lawyers ask questions about seemingly small details as they explore all possible avenues of recovery on your behalf.     

Time Limits

Generally, Alabama law requires you to file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years from the day your loved one passes away. When cities or counties cause the losses, they must be given early written notice of claims. As soon as possible, your personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will want information about the exact date of your loved one’s passing, how it occurred, and who was involved to preserve your right to file suit against the proper persons or entities.

At Byrd & Jones LLC, the attorneys have deep experience in representing individuals in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Members of this Dothan law firm combine professionalism and passion to pursue full compensation for your losses. Visit the firm’s website for more about their personal injury, wrongful death, and wills and estates practice. Call (334) 794-2889 to schedule your consultation, and like them on Facebook.


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